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Players should motivate themselves like Clint Dempsey

As a youth coach you have a lot to think about, and that’s why I am always being asked questions about how to do this or do that and I’m quite happy to answer them.

One question that I’m often asked is how to give players that self motivation when they are on the pitch and the team has just lost a goal, Why do some players sulk or cry or just give up?

On Saturday my U9s went 1-0 up, but just before half time went 4-1 down. But they never gave up and late in the game scored to go ahead by 5 goals to 4. They have self belief but we all have to work hard for that.

Personal motivation is a hard part of coaching. Once a player is on the pitch how do you go about getting them to put 100 per cent in when the going gets tough?

Personal motivation starts at your coaching sessions by you giving players targets to meet, by giving them targets at the beginning of the season that are about them, rather than targets like winning a game, tell them you want to see them make 4 or 5 tackles in one half of a game or to have five shots at goal. In this way they will learn that a lot of their performance is down to wht they do on the pitch rather than winning or losing.

You can also give players rewards like the football (soccer) patches we use that gets players striving to be better so they can win their badge.

Talk to your players about how they should be thinking about the game and their role in it. Explain how they must strive to meet their targets so they can go on to become better players.

Check out this clip of Clint Dempsey of Fulham and the USA men’s national team, talking about self motivation and how hard he works to keep himself at the top level.

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Ibelieve every player should emulate the workrate exhibited by Dempsey. He has shown great teamwork and motivation in what he does best-playing football. My youth squad was impressed after i showed the this clip. Thanks.

Comment by Edward Obilo

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