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Turn and go for goal like Robin van Persie

Sometimes you need to get your attackers to turn and head for goal.

You need practice to get a good first touch

If you want a player who can take a pass and turn with confidence knowing that his initial touch on the ball will be good enough it involves a lot of practice.

This is what I do with my players. Using the diagram above, the striker receives the ball, turns to his left (particularly if he is right footed) and then moves to the first cone and sprints with the ball to the second cone. You need to get players A and B serving the ball in so he gets used to the ball coming from different angles.

  • A and B – 10 metres apart – serve to the striker.
  • He comes forward collects and turns to his left.
  • Then sprints between two cones – 5 metres away.
  • The two cones should be no more than 2 metres apart.

How to advance it

Keep the dimensions the same but tell your striker to turn to his right, using either the outside of his right foot, or even better his left foot – his weaker foot – to control turn and sprint through the two cones.

What you want to see is a sharp turn – not wide – so that players are under pressure to take good control of the ball. The ball should be close to the feet of your striker all the time he is turning.

Shame Robin van Persie has been injured. He has the turns the skills and the shots that are ideal to show young players what they can aim for.

Watch this video of him in action turning, running and scoring.

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Its very helpful and I am getting a lot of new ideas for training kids

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