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Have you got what it takes to be a good coach?

I remember being told before I started coaching that you have to want to coach to be a good coach -if you don’t want to do it, don’t bother trying.

One of the first things I look for in coaches I meet is passion. Not running up the touchline screaming at the players sort of passion, but a passion for coaching children how to play soccer.

If you haven’t got passion some where during your first season you will run in to trouble through either losing games and want to give it up or finding all the organizing that you have to do to run a successful team too much of a chore.

The team will suffer because the coach is not putting effort in and is merely going through the motions.

I was thinking about this during the week after reading about the ex England International John Barnes. What a player he was for his club Liverpool, although he never quite managed to bring that to the England team. He has also never managed to bring any of the success he had in his playing career to his management at Scottish giants Celtic and recently at Tranmere Rovers.

I looked in to what Barnes had to say about coaching when he was a player. There’s not a lot written, although there is one very telling interview with him by sports writer Pete Davies where he was asked if he could see himself in management.

“Not right now no. The closer you get to retiring then maybe you think, Ok I’d like to coach or whatever and some people may not have an option they can’t do anything else and they’re offered a coaching job so they do it. But at the moment I don’t think I would. I might play non-league or coach a school team or a little local side something like that.”

I was interested that he thought coaching a school team or a little local side is something you could take or leave, that it would be easy to do.

Then he said: “ I’m basically a very lazy person. If it came up then I’d do it, put it that way but it’s not something I’d like to do.”

When in 1999 he got a dream ticket to manage the Glasgow giants Celtic he must have wanted to do that I would imagine, but he suffered a series of very poor results one getting the famous headline “Super Cali go ballistic Celtic are atrocious”. He was sacked.

This year he managed Tranmere Rovers and won only two out of eleven games again he was sacked.

I think he’s missing the passion in his coaching that he had in his playing….

watch him as a player:

but he could rap!

 Soccer Skills and Drills


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Is it a Bird or is it a plane, no its
superman(coach). phsychologists, trying to understand the needs of each player and there thinking capacities as well as there physical strengths and weakness in trg. sessions, then match situations, trying to not only pump there minds full of positive team thinking elements but also improving there individual skills, maybe ive left some things out but this is what we do and its enough to scare any would be coach from jumping into our shoes.
But what a game it is, my girl friend is a sports non-interested but after i tried to explain the above it really opened her eyes and she realised this is not just 22 guys or girls running after a ball.
Its life itself with all the physical and emotional elements rolled into it.
All that work, but that feeling when your team hits the back of the nett, when your team comes back from being a goal or two under and wins the game, or just to watch a youngster have a fantastic come back after injury.
Im addicted to that (pure joy) and i think you have to have that passion to survive the down trips we all experience.
Let your heart burn for soccer.

Comment by Sean Morrissey

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