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Watch how simple warm-ups can be

Sometimes I get really good ideas for my team warm-ups from just watching the professional players warm up at matches I go to. If you get to a game a bit earlier than usual you will often see the professionals warming up before the game.

I just sit there and watch them and take a few notes which give me some great ideas what to do with my own players at our next match.

It doesn’t matter what age you coach, all ages can warm up in the same way. When you go to watch your next game see how simple some of the warm ups are for even the most skilful players.

The superstars of the English Premier League warm up with simple runs, stretches and jumps.

Watch these clips taken before Chelsea and Manchester United games where the players are warming up before their matches.

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still surprised with as much scientific evidence suggesting that static type stretching is not only a poor choice for a warm up, but can actually inhibit athletic performance. The dynamic portions certainly seem to fit the cuurent suggestions for proper warmup…but still wondering about the “old school” style stretching as part of their warm-up.
Not that an EPL team doesn’t have the latest info on performance based warm-ups, but it does seem to fly in the face of the most widely accepted informatiom. Love the site and blogs..keep up the good work. CJ

Comment by chris

I agree with the comments wrt static stretching BEFORE the game – all the latest research shows that it diminishes performance and can lead to injury, but still you see so may people doing it. Also, when it comes to youth teams, I don’t like doing any warm ups/cool downs without a football if at all possible.

Not meant to be negative, just viewpoint

Comment by Mike Nolan

Hi Fegie i happen to be an ex-player now into football coaching,i must cnfess am so glad reading or getting some tips on becoming a better soccer coach,besides things that’ll give 1 edge & to follow modern trend of coaching,by dropping d old fashion ways.To be candid u still see some big coaches here in Nigeria still doing d static warm up’s to d more cnventnal ones.Thanks Boss & besides am a ManUnited Fan.Rgdz,Stanley Bassey(Nigeria)

Comment by stanley bassey

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