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Repeat passing with good touch and movement

Getting players to repeat things is a good way to get them to sink in. But it’s important that there is a technique or tactic involved in what they are doing. In the exercise here players can use one touch or two touch, but both need not just good technique but clever movement off the ball.

Passing is the key to any match, if you can out pass your opponents the team has a headstart on winning the game.

Any exercise relies on the coach to guide his or her players in the exercise they are doing. So good touch and good movement to the ball is an essential part of any passing exercise

I use this constant passing game as a good starting point in developing passing and movement for individuals and teams:

 Soccer Skills and Drills


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I am so glad I got connected with you and BSC. I really enjoy the weekly letters and all the info…it keeps me inspired. Well done! Keep it comming.

Comment by Coach Frank

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