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Perfect technique for shooting

This is Louis’ technique in the U7s aged 6 after a couple of seasons being coached and trained for his first season in competitive soccer. Look at how balanced he is with his arms out for balance, eyes looking at the ball, plant leg next to the ball and knee bent over the ball.

By the time he was in the U10s he was averaging 25 goals a season. His direction and power was outstanding – but that is all down to his technique to shoot the ball.

It also meant he could experiment with different angles of his body and the angle over the ball.

This is the balance you need to get your players to practise and try to do it when they are as young as this. Louis will always have this ability to kick a ball with power and accuracy because he learnt it so young.

Tips to brush up on shooting technique:

Look for the following soccer skills:

Non-kicking foot alongside the ball.

Head down, eyes on the ball when striking.

Body over the ball.

Contact with the middle to top half of the ball.


Players like England’s Wayne Rooney and USA’s Landon Donovan have this balance and technique and use it to perfection. Watch them below.

Watch this compilation of goals by Wayne Rooney to see how he uses his body and arms for balance and the angles for power and lift:

And this one from Landon Donovan, all balance and technique:

Soccer shooting drills

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u know i say the same thing to my teammates of bending yr head and have the a glimpse of the goal seconds before shooting and having, but if u see the premier league players they hardly seam bend their body…!!! is it bcuz of the material of the ball

Comment by lionel

In my opinion, shooting with pace and accuracy is the most underdeveloped area of youth soccer players. Thank you for spending time on this subject. Another important aspect of the technique has to do with where on the foot the ball is contacted. I have my players feel their foot for the hardest bone. It is on the top of their foot under where the laces are (unless they have the a-symetrical laces). This hard bone is where they will get the most power.

Comment by Jon Soccer

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