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How to do step-overs like Ronaldo and Robinho

This summer you can be sure that you will see a lot of step-overs. The 2010 World Cup will be a showcase for all the skills you coach to your players and the step-over is likely to be one of the main ones. So you can be sure they are going to want to do them when they see them in action.

Stepovers like any soccer skill need a lot of practice so if your players are going to do them make sure they go home and have a ball stuck to their foot all week.

Done properly they can send an opponent in the opposite direction, immediately producing two precious assets – space and time.

Coach your players to begin with the simplest step over. Tell them to shape as if they are going to strike the ball, but lift that foot over the top of the ball instead.

1. Make sure the ball is moving so start dribbling slowly.
2. Circle the left foot anti-clockwise by bringing the left foot across the right foot and around the ball without touching the ball.
3. Dip the left shoulder to angle the body so it looks like the player will move that way.
4. Use the outside of the right foot to take the ball past the defender on the other side.

Once you can do one then practice bringing your right foot around the ball clockwise, and build up to do two or three in a row.

Watch this video which shows in slow motion how to do the step-over with Robinho. Then watch the other clip of the step-over kings in action, Ronaldo and Robinho.

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I have always learned that this is a scissors, and that in a step-over the leg moves the opposite direction. A good way to remember which way the leg moves for each is one opens that gate (scissors) and the other closes the gate(step over).

Comment by Dino

Dino, I learned it the same way, but I’m American so maybe that’s my issue. I learned the step over is where you pass your left foot over the ball from left to right (so it looks like you’re striking the ball with the inside of your left foot before the foot passes over the ball), then take the ball in the opposite direction with the outside of your left foot (or the inside of your right foot if the pacing works that way). A scissor is where your left foot goes inside then around the ball counterclockwise (as we Americans say) then you take the ball in the opposite direction with the outside of your right foot.

Comment by mattoomba

Exactly. Well described.

Comment by Dino

nice info

Comment by JOhn

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