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Why should this own goal not be a goal?
March 3, 2010, 4:12 pm
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Great own goal, you couldn’t do it if you tried, but the referee got wrong. It shouldn’t have been given.

Anyone tell me why and what should be given?

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Has to touch a player of the attacking team

Comment by Scott Taylor

it doesn’t have to touch an attacking player…just any player on the field outside the penalty box. I would have thought the ref should allow a retake. But I understand Gary’s argument as well. Did they allow this goal? the video just shows celebration and ends. Please tell me the ref did something about that goal, it is just as bad as Henry’s hand of god goal.

Comment by caseysmith09

Should have been a re take of the goal kick.

Comment by Scott Taylor

Corner kick. Ball was in play at the point the whole of the ball passed outside of the penalty area. Since the kicking team cannot score on itself by kicking directly (no other player touching the ball) into their own goal, then the situation is treated as if it was kicked over the goalline by the kicking team, resulting in a corner kick for the other team.

Comment by Gary Rue

thats dead on that, yep the ball left the penalty box… corner kick!

Comment by Scott Taylor

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You cannot score an own goal from a goal kick. If I remember rightly the corner should be given regardless of whether or not it left the penalty area. It is the same scenario as if the goal kick taker kicked it off the other side of the post and behind the goal line, ie.e a defender giving away a corner.

Comment by Raf Fenoy

Gary is correct. A team cannot score on itself via a muffed free kick. The ball is not a retake because it entered play when it exited the penalty area. So the correct restart is a corner kick per Law 13.

Comment by Chuck Goetz

Doesn’t matter whether the ball left the penalty area or not if it goes directly over the goal line untouched or directly over the endline it is a corner kick. A team may not score from any free kick directly into their own goal.

Comment by MJ

As a few have already stated, it would be a corner kick since it was not touched by anyone after leaving the penalty area.

Comment by John

The goal kick should be retaken no other player appeared to touch the ball which means the ball was never in play

Comment by dave

The kick would not be retaken, because the ball left the penalty area. A goal may be scored on a goal kick, but only by the opposing team… since the opposing team did not touch the ball, the call should have been out of play (over the goal line)and awarded a corner kick to the opposing team.

Comment by Pete

As soon as the ball crosses the penalty area line it is in play. It does not have to be touched by any other player before a goal can be scored on eaither team. The goal should stand. If the ball crossed the goal line before it crossed the penalty area line, then its a retake as it was never in play.

Comment by Dana

If the ball left the penalty area it must be a corner. However, the ball is not in play until it crosses the penalty area. If it never crossed the penalty line it was NEVER in play and must be a do-over.

Comment by Mark Osborne

Dana, you are incorrect. NO own goal can be scored directly off a goal kick.

Comment by Mark Osborne

Chuck has it correct. Per rule 13 for both a direct and an indirect free kick if the ball is kicked directly into an own goal a corner is awarded. It is clearly stated in a bullet in the FIFA rules.

I have seen this happen when a defender took the kick and it went back due to wind into the goal and the keeper did not touch the ball. After discussion the ref agreed to a corner.

Comment by Coach Pat

After further review, I did indeed have it wrong. Per Law 16 “A goal may be scored directly from a goal kick, but only against the opposing team.”

Comment by Dana

Corner Kick should be awarded.

here are the appropriate sections from the laws, page 36 in the pdf at

if a direct free kick is kicked directly into the team’s own goal, a corner kick is awarded to the opposing team

if an indirect free kick is kicked directly into the team’s own goal, a corner kick is awarded to the opposing team

and as Dana points out a goal kick is also covered by law 16

Comment by MJ

If a free kick, its a corner but if a goal kick, the ball cant be seen to leave the penalty area so a retake surely

Comment by SteveF

Law 13,: A free kick (direct or indirect) which goes into a team’s own goal,(from any part of the field) without touching a second person, results in a corner to the opposing team.

Comment by Sheldon

As long as the ball enter the net is a goal,because the law says if a ball got into a net through an opposing site or deposing site, as long as is not a faul is a goal.

Comment by Maha ojonugwa

I can not see the ball in the clip, but based on the way the players are looking in the air, the ball appears to have left the penalty area. If the ball left the penalty area and was not touched by another player before crossing the goal line in the kickers goal the restart is a corner kick. If the ball did not leave the penalty area before crossing the goal line in the kickers goal the restart is another goal kick.

Comment by Kelly


Comment by Pete

You can not score directly from a free kick of any type on yourself. You are correct it should have been a corner awarded to your opponent.

Comment by John Gray

When the whole of the ball passes over the goal line excluding the portion between the goalposts, either in the air or on the ground, having last been played by one of the attacking team, it shall be kicked direct into play beyond the penalty area from any point within the goal area, by a player of the defending team. A goalkeeper shall not receive the ball into his hands from a goal kick in order that he may thereafter kick it into play. If the ball is not kicked beyond the penalty area, i.e. direct into play, the kick shall be retaken. The kicker shall not play the ball a second time until it has been touched or played by another player. A goal shall not be scored direct from such a kick. Players of the team opposing that of the player taking the goal kick shall remain outside the penalty area until the ball has been kicked out of the penalty area.

law 16

Comment by steve

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