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Midfield headers can protect the defence

Something for you to work on… in youth matches when the opposition has a goal kick if the midfielders can get to the ball first and head it without letting it bounce they put their team immediately on to the front foot and the opposition on to the back foot.

When you watch the professionals see how they take the pressure off the defence by heading it before it bounces through to them. Also if you have to head a ball that has bounced, all the pace has been taken off it and the player finds it hard to get it any distance.

Young players are often worried by heading the ball so you need to gradually get them heading. They can practice by throwing the ball in the air and heading it between partners.

Heading a ball

1. Watch the ball
2. Keep eyes open
3. Head the ball on the forehead
4. Aim for the middle of the ball.

Watch this clip of how to head in defence:


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Great Tips and great video. This thing shows that younger should follow the seniors.

Comment by soccer boots

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