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Lethal finishers take their chances

As a striker if you only get one chance in a match you have to make the most of it. That means it is vital you get it on target. In the Champions League Round of 16 match between Chelsea and Inter Milan, there was little between the two teams over the two legs. But from the few chances on offer Inter scored three goals and Chelsea two. In the first leg in Milan Diego Milito gets one chance in the first half and scores in the second leg Samuel Eto’o gets one chance in the second half and scores. They both missed one good scoring opportunity but one out of two at this level is excellent. That’s what a striker must do.

I like to use simple exercises to get all my players hitting the targets with shots at goal. In the clip below is a simple exercise, with players passing and shooting at targets in the goal.

Hitting the targets either side of the goal makes it harder for the goalkeeper to get a hand on it. Players need to look up and see where the goalkeeper is so they can hit it where the goalkeeper has less chance to cover it.

You may find younger players kicking with the toe or side of the foot. Try to get them to use the instep which will be a more powerful shot – although perhaps not as accurate.

Shooting techniques
1. Head down, looking at the ball at the moment of contact.
2. Body over the ball to keep the shot under the crossbar.
3. To drive it low, place the non-kicking foot alongside the ball.
4. For power – follow through with the kicking foot after the ball has been struck.

Watch this simple exercise to get your players hitting the target. And below that watch Milito score his chance for Inter Milan against Chelsea.


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[…] Original post by soccercoachblog […]

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