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Robben volleys Manchester Utd out of Europe

Zinedine Zidane’s volley to win the 2002 Champions League for Real Madrid against Bayer Leverkusen is one of the outstanding examples of the skill – I was reminded of it when I saw Arjen Robben’s volley for Bayern Munich in this season’s Champions League quarter final against Manchester United. It looks easy but is a difficult skill for young players that must be constantly practiced to make it easy to do in matches when the pressure is on.

You can use the technique I have illustrated here to get your players volleying the ball. The element of surprise is vital to stop the defenders reacting to the shot. If you watch the Robben clip below you can see how the Manchester United defenders have no time to react to the Bayern Munich attacker’s shot.


  • Tell your players to keep their eyes focused on the ball and get into the line of flight.
  • Get them to use their arms for balance, imagine a strike zone in front of them and keep their head still.
  • They should plant their non-kicking foot on the ground and leading with the knee, bring the kicking leg through.
  • The leg should be slightly bent, with the toes pointing down and the ankle held firm.
  • They should strike the centre or top half of the ball with the instep and keep their head over the ball to keep the volley down.
  • Watch both the goals here and see how Zidane and Robben perform the art of the volley to score important goals then vote which one you think is best on my Dug-Out Forum here


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    Zidane’s volley is my favorite goal of all time.

    The commentator says ‘magnificent technique’ and it really is. Just perfection.

    I was at the Bradford City game when Paul Scholes hit his volley from Beckham’s corner, it was stunning, but I have to say I think Robben’s tops it. The stage and the pressure and the significance of the goal all go into it, and Robben’s volley is second only to Zidane’s in my mind.

    You should try and get a video of Van Basten’s up here too.

    Comment by alex

    Both great goals, but I’d give the edge to Zidane’s strike – he used his weaker foot!

    Comment by Peter

    Zidane’s was definitely the better one. A ball coming in from that height is a lot harder to hit and he did so perfectly.

    Comment by Freddy

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