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A soccer coaching ladder to success

I’ve been discussing the use of speed ladders on my Soccer Coach Weekly forum. It seems a lot of you use speed ladders but would like more exercises to use with them. In Soccer Coach Weekly I run fitness drills, but I am never sure how many coaches have access to them.

You can use flat cones for speed ladders placed so your players have space to put both feet down quickly and move through them in the same way you would a speed ladder ā€“ like one of the forum members suggests.

Early on in my coaching career I was given a speed ladder when I bought a full kit for my team. So I did a bit of research into using them ā€“ and I think most sports should use them and will get the benefits of speed and coordination that they promise. And for a pre-season it’s a very good way

Here’s two drills which I use with my young players to help with their coordination:

Sideways double feet

  • Stand side on to the ladder, feet in the first square
  • Running action, moving sideways through the ladder
  • Each foot contacts each square once
  • Ground contacts on balls of feet
  • Emphasise upright posture & coordinated arm action
  • Repeat 5 times. Rest 60 seconds between repetitions.

Forward hops – 3 in 1 out

  • Hop forward on one leg
  • One hop in each square
  • Every 3 hops step once out of the ladder onto the other leg
  • Continue this sequence until ladder is complete
  • Ground contact on balls of feet
    Strength & powerHow of pass / shot12
  • Repeat 5 times.
  • Rest 60 seconds between repetitions.

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