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The perfect cross

I’ve been working my team on good crossing this week, and the work was put to the test at the weekend. The players were much more positive in crossing and attacking the cross. It resulted in the team scoring two goals. You can use the exercise in today’s issue of Better Soccer Coaching from West Ham Academy director Tony Carr to get your team crossing with purpose.

I also have a clip of Barcelona’s Dani Alves crossing for Bojan to score. Look at how the cross goes into the danger area between the penalty spot and the six yard box. Perfect.

Key soccer coaching tips for crossing skills

•Low, powerful crosses are hard to defend.
•A good, accurate, low cross into the penalty area is one of the hardest balls young defenders will have to face.
•High, looping crosses are hard enough but at least you can see those.
•Balls coming in at an angle just behind the defenders are almost impossible to control and often any touch by a defender will result in an own goal.

How to do it

The technique players should use is the swerve pass using the inside of the foot.

The technique

•Non-kicking foot should be slightly behind, and to the side of the ball. Use the inside of the foot to kick across the ball.

•Tell player to keep his head steady, eyes looking at the ball at the moment of contact.

•His body should be slightly forward to keep the ball low.


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