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Take the hit and win a free kick

Sometimes your young players are going to play teams that are very physical, and your players will find it difficult to play the way they normally do. It’s not nice to be knocked over every time you get the ball.

We played an U14 team who were bundling my players over constantly. Of course this annoyed them but I kept reminding them that they would get free kicks out of the physical contact which they must remain cool and take advantage of the situation.

Watching the professionals play you see the way they are constantly hit by big tackles and bundled off the ball. This results in free kicks in dangerous positions, which is why you see so many players diving once they are touched. Watch the video of some tackles that have been flying in during the season then watch Dani Alves take advantage for Brazil with a free kick.

There is a physical side to the game, but there is also a man in charge who will give your players an advantage they can turn into goals.


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I saw this game! I really like Ramires and I think he should play more often.

Comment by Rachel Young

What a strike.

Can’t hit it much cleaner then that. When this guy hits the ball well, he is one of the best in the world.

Although, I think hes a little inconsistent time to time.

Comment by Dylan

just like in basketball where “floppings” are being practiced by seasoned players, most victims here are young, aggresive and inexperience players resulting to foul and freethrows for opposing team player.

Comment by samlei72

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