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Iniesta and Xavi boss the midfield

When you’re working with your midfielders you want to see close control, possession of the ball by passing and shielding, winning the ball back with good pressure and tackles, and shots at goal.

The midfield is the engine room of the team, everything must pass through it for both attack and defence.

Watch the clip of Barcelona’s Iniesta and Xavi as they hold the ball and pass into space for each other in the 2009 Champions League Final.



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That is my favourite quote. I thought it was originally Tommy Smith the champions league manager who had said that. But It would make more sense coming from Alex.

Xavi and Inneista are brilliant in the midfield and all aspiring midfielders should look to them for some inspiration.

Comment by Dylan

These two players for me are the driving force of spain’s and barcelona’s midfield.The chemistry the have and their ability to find each other and other players on the field is amazing.

Comment by Emmanuel

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