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When do you chip the goalkeeper?

Players that make decisions to try something different with the ball instead of head down just kicking it, are often the ones that score the best goals. What makes a player decide to chip a goalkeeper rather than just kick it as hard as they can at the goal?

In the World Cup game between England and USA the forward Emile Heskey had a great chance to score for England and give them a much needed win. Faced with the goalkeeper Heskey simply put his head over the ball and kicked it as hard as he could. It hit the goalkeeper smack band in his midriff and the chance was gone.

Had Heskey decided to chip the ball just a tiny bit it would probably have gone over the goalkeeper and into the net. This is what makes a goalscorer great – the ability to make the decision about the best type of shot to use.

If the goalkeeper comes of their line and leaves enough space that’s the time to try a chip and make your players look like the professionals.

Watch Clint Dempsey score his amazing chip for Fulham against Juventus in the second leg of the Europa League last 16 game:


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