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The best players can swerve a ball

With all the talk of uncontrollable balls at the World Cup its been nice to see a few free kicks going in. Certainly Japan’s Keisuke Honda can kick the ball and add a bit of excitement. It seems this ball is hard to dip and swerve, but players were beginning to make the most of it by the end of the tournament.

Swerving the ball needs a certain amount of flair but players must have the right technique to do it. The ball will swerve depending on how you kick it. The best thing to do is to read the technique in the July 13 issue of Better Soccer Coaching.

In there West Ham Academy Director Tony Carr explains the technique and how to practice. Get down to the training pitch early and practice yourself – if you can do it show your players the technique and get them all swerving the ball. They can use the technique for passing and crossing the ball as well.

In the video below watch how Joe Cole hits at the World Cup in 2006 the ball and makes it dip and swerve.


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