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What’s the difference between a manager and a coach?

Most professional clubs have a manager and a coach, but do they always do the roles separately?

I always thought that managers should be able to coach and have interchanged the word without thinking about the actual roles they perform. Why should managers coach? To me they should coach because they can see the problems on the pitch and should have some knowledge of how to correct them by coaching.

However, managers also need to be able to motivate players and I’ve seen some managers who leave the coaching to the specialist coach but then motivate the players on match day.

When he was coaching at Brighton Gus Poyet had come through the coaching side and became a manager. However, he still takes a lot of the coaching sessions, he is a manager who likes to get involved.

You can see how much he thinks about coaching and playing when he talks about the young players at the club and how he wants to develop them.

This is what he has to say: “We will have the time to go out and watch the under-15s and under-14s and get them playing the same way we want the first team to be playing so, when they get to an age where they can get a professional contract, they are as ready as they can be.”

So the roles can be interchangeable and I know most of you coach and manage your teams – it can be done successfully as Poyet has proven.

Watch Poyet coaching at Brighton below:


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