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Running with the ball – like Theo Walcott

There is no finer sight whether you’re watching junior soccer or professionals to see a player running at with the ball under control and destroying the other team.

This is why you shouldn’t tell your players to always pass the ball when they have created space. If they run into that space they are threatening the opposition causing them to react in a different way. Running at a back four means the defenders are caught between going to the runner with the ball and the other attackers moving into dangerous positions.

If they are pressed and can’t beat the player then they can pass and the result will be another player running into space.

Very difficult to defend against. It’s running with the ball and facing 1v1 decisions on the way to goal. I they can run with the ball the whole way they will have split the opposition defence open and have a good chance of scoring.

Give your players the freedom to run with the ball and don’t tell them off if they lose it!

Watch Theo Walcott do it below:


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Hi there

Giving your young athletes freedom to make their own decisions on the field, including free reign to run the ball all the way themselves, is one of the best ways to grow their abilities.

Improvising and on-the-fly decision making are part of the formula that makes up a great player.

Have you seen ‘the best goal celebration ever’ video on youtube, the Icelanders know how to celebrate a goal.


Comment by Coaching Kids Basketball

Excellent example, its always tricky to get that balance of when to run and attack the space or when to draw a defender and play the ball – especially for younger players.

Comment by Alan

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