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Is Yaya Toure the best midfielder in the world?

Manchester City are paying a lot of money to have Yaya Toure in their team, but is he worth it? A player that has played for Barcelona and been courted by Chelsea and Arsenal must have something.

He’s been kept out of the Barcelona side a few times as Sergio Busquets has come into the reckoning. But apart from being a very strong midfielder who wins the ball and closes all the midfield gaps, when he does get the ball he can surge into space and beat players on his way to goal.

He’s an exciting prospect for Manchester City fans and I for one am looking forward to seeing him in the English Premiership. How Barcelona will cope without his surging pace will also be interesting to see.

To me he’s the real deal, let me know what you think. Check out the video below and tell me he’s not going to bring an added dimension to Manchester City’s game…


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Good Morning sir,
First let me start off by thanking you for creating your site. It has been an immense help to me in understanding the game better and to grow as a coach.

I totally agree with you that Yaya toure is the real deal. When i first saw him at barca, i felt what am i looking at. Why is this big guy… who looks slow and langy playing in a team like barcan. But slowly i realised the immense talent this guy possesses. His body strength is second to none and his big frame also has a great change of gear which suprise alot of people.

I remember when barca played chelsea at stamford bridge for a space in the final of the champions league. If i am not wrong..Yaya playes as a center back in that game and did exceedingly well against the likes of drogba. Due to his presence .. pique had to confidence to move forward in that game.. inspite of them being a man down. And in the end as we all know……. history was made….

Thanks once again sir…

Kind Regards

Ruxton Vaz.

Comment by Ruxton Vaz

Yaya Toure is not the best midfielder in the world but he is fantastic in the holding midfielder position.

He was kept out of the team by Setgio Busquets and by the antics of his agent.

He will be a big player for City but not as effective as he was for Barca IMO.

Comment by Kieran

Yaya Toure is no where near being the best midfielder in the world, he is not even the best midfielder at Manchester City.

Comment by Rory O'Donoghue

yaya is the best holding midfielder right now. he played jus behind tevez against liverpool and had a major impact

Comment by m.stevens

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