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My five best attacking centre-backs

dave clarkeHow many professional teams won at the weekend due to a centre-back scoring from a corner? They do it so often because they are the players who practice outjumping their opponents when they are defending – hence they can do it when they are attacking.

A lot of youth teams keep their centre-backs covering on the half way line, rather than see them get up into the penalty area for a corner in case the defending team wins the ball and makes a quick break. But you don’t have to be so cautious, other players can cover, it doesn’t always have to be your centre-back.

When you are coaching attacking situations make sure you use your centre-backs to attack the ball as well as your strikers. They can learn a lot from positional play when they are attacking so they can understand how to defend the same situation.

My five top centre-backs to use as an example to your players are:

  • Gerard Piquet, Barcelona
  • Nemanja Vidic, Manchester United
  • Carles Puyol, Barcelona
  • Lucio, Inter Milan
  • Thomas Vermaelen, Arsenal

Watch the clip below of Gerard Piquet scoring for Barcelona:


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