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Play to win but lose with dignity

dave clarke

A code of conduct is written to reflect the responsibilities players have to the game. Young players should be made aware of this and be made aware of what is expected of them.

They should know that nobody wins all the time. You win some, you lose some and when they lose they should do so graciously.

They should congratulate the winners, not blame the referee or anyone else and be determined to do better next time. Good losers earn more respect than bad winners.

Obligations towards the game – a player should:

  • Develop their sporting abilities in terms of skill, technique, tactics and stamina.
  • Give maximum effort even when the game is lost.
  • Set a positive example to younger players and supporters.
  • Never use inappropriate language.
  • Always keep within the laws of the sport and use fair play.

Obligations towards the team – a player should:

  • l Know the laws, rules and spirit of the game and the competition rules.
  • Accept success and failure, victory and defeat, equally.

Respect towards opponents – a player should:

  • Treat opponents with due respect at all times.
  • Avoid violence, rough play and help injured players.

Respect towards officials – a player should:

  • Accept the decision of the match officials without protest, if a decision needs explaining the team captain should ask.

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