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Jack Wilshere: positives from defeat

dave clarkeWhen teams lose it is always a good idea to go over the good points so you are getting as much out of the game as possible – event though I admit it’s much easier to just draw a line under the defeat and move onto the next game.

Watching Arsenal lose to Chelsea it is easy to just write the game off as a strong Chelsea display – but I thought it was strong Arsenal display with Chelsea showing strength up front. Here the disappointment for Arsenal was losing but the upside for England as well as Arsenal was the display of Jack Wilshere – a young English player of immense talent.

Since coming to Arsenal under Arsene Wenger Wilshere has developed into a player with great maturity and technically excellent qualities. When he is on the ball he can use his vision to dispatch the pass with speed and simplicity. He will also immediately take up another position to receive the next pass – something I am continually striving to attain with my young players.
The next couple of seasons will be big ones for Wilshere and Arsenal and he could be the key to them winning a title or Champions League in the near future.

Watch his range of skills in this compilation:


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