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Dealing with disappointment

All sports players suffer disappointments. The great ones use it to fire them up and come back stronger. In youth soccer it is down to you the coach to help your players deal with disappointment – but don’t think you’re alone.

We have all seen the situation. Your attacker gets the ball in front of goal, they must score but they miss – they come across to you and say they are the worst player that ever lived. However it is not always best to go straight in with words of encouragement – they wont stick if all they can do is picture the moment over and over again when they missed.

You need to try and get them to talk about the situation – to get them to see it was only a moment in the game and the more they practice the more moments like that will get less and less. Try to get them to take note of things they did well during the game. And play a few mind games with them. Ask them: If you had 50 shots and miss one, what’s the unusual event? The goal or the miss? .

I also use this saying: ‘You’re the kind of person who… and follow up with one of these answers…’
‘doesn’t give up easily’; ‘
sticks to things’; ‘
bounces back’; ‘
doesn’t let mistakes stop you from playing the game you love.’

It can help them recover their self image and their confidence.

Check out this clip of the Nike academy team and see what advice Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand and Academy coach Huw Jennings give the squad…


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thank you for your advice I will used

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