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Fit to last the whole match

I’ve had to work hard this season on getting my U10s to play their best right to the end. Tiredness in the last 10 minutes has been creating stressful ends to games with us letting in late goals. Endurance is as relevant to your match play as scoring goals because you want your team to perform at their best the whole game.

If your players are fit and up to speed they will be able to put even the best teams under pressure. Don’t waste the speed of your players by letting them stay unfit, you’ll be surprised how much quicker you can make a young player simply by getting them fit.

Working on fitness can be done in small bursts during your coaching session. You can use the warm up time to put players through their paces with a fitness.

Try this simple step jump with your players.

  • Stand beside a cone or soft object to be cleared.
  • Bring knees up and jump vertically but also laterally off ground and over the marker.
  • Land on both feet and jump back in the other direction.
  • Ground contact time should be minimal – don’t dip into a full squat position.
  • Repeat for 15 seconds and a total of 6 sets.
  • Rest 30 seconds between sets.

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