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Fernando Torres and 1v1 situations

At the weekend Liverpool played away at Everton, hoping to change their recent poor run.

Key this has been the form of their striker Fernando Torres. His loss of form has been one of the reasons the team has struggled. The Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson decided Torres should go up against Everton’s Sylvain Distin at centre-back rather than attack Phil Jagielka.

This was a key battle in the game – if Torres won most of these he was likely to score or create lots of chances.

However Torres won just four of the 14 head to heads he had in front of goal mostly with Distin. Distin won 10 of the 14. Torres and indeed Liverpool didn’t score or create many chances.

One of the key reasons that he didn’t win many of them was the poor service into him, balls in the air rather than into his feet or body. It is much easier for a big centre back to win crosses into Torres than trying to stop him with the ball at his feet.

But the other key reason is that when commentators say he is out of form what they actually me is he is no longer winning the 1v1 situations he is famous for.

Watch the two video clips below. In the first he scores in the final of Uefa Euro 2008 to beat Germany 1-0. The second is a compilation – watch the number of times Torres is 1v1 and the number of times he scores after beating a defender 1v1.


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That was back when Torres was still good, ever since he died his hair brown or what ever the case may be he has looked poor. He should have stuck to being blond as he was when he scored all those goals in the clip, Torres is a fantastic player with grate pace and deadly finishing and has a wonderful understanding wiht Steven Gerrard but something is not right, Torres needs better service if Liverpool are to be anywhere near as good a team as they were.

Comment by Lourens Erasmus

I understand your point about players needing to take 1 v1’s to create chances for their team, but I think there is also a point in noting that if you cut off Torres’ arms so that he couldn’t grab people and pull them down or push them out of the way he couldn’t score. Skillfull 1v1 play and cheating are different things.

Comment by Mike

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