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You don’t always have to win to be a success

Winning is always important but not always an accurate measurement of how well a team played. It is better to ask key questions about your team:

  • Did they create chances?

  • Did they have a good shape defensively and cover the dangerous spaces?

  • Did the players make good decisions when in possession?

  • Did they play a mixed passing game?

  • Did they control the tempo of the game?

Jot down your thoughts straight after the game. Then write down what happened in the game an hour after your team has played and re-read what happened. Look for the positives to talk to your players about and then go to work on the negatives.

My team played a game recently where they started off easily
the best team. We totally outpassed the opposition and created twice as many chances as they did. We lost the game 3-2.

So I wrote down my answers to the questions…

  • Yes, we did create chances – praise the team.

  • No, we often left dangerous spaces when we didn’t get back quickly enough when attacks broke down – work on defensive positions and recovery movement.

  • Mixed, but on the whole we made good decisions.

  • Yes, passing was good, long and short – praise the team.

  • No, they allowed the opposition back in to the game when they had it won – work on closing the game out.

You can then see what to talk about, what to praise and what to work on at your next coaching session.


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So glad to see that your site is promoting the fact that winning is not as important as developing good skills and character in your players. There is pleanty of time to become competitive when they get older. If your readers need some free articles on the same subject- please check out all the great information for moms and dads on our website.

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