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Scoring direct from a corner

Letting in goals direct from corners is one of the frustrations of being a coach. However watch your player score one and you get a great feeling and your players love it.

When coaches talk about having fun in matches then try scoring a goal from a corner because I’ve never seen my players laugh so much as when they score from corners.

Did you mean to score? oh yes coach, of course I did!

Okay so your players are not planning to score directly from the corner but they can make it hard for the goalkeeper by dropping the ball right on top of him on the goal line. It’s a hard ball to deliver but if you have a player who can do it get them to try it out in your next match.

It’s a lofted kick, so your players is going to have to kick below the middle of the ball and lean back to get height. If you have a tall attacker get them to stand near the goalkeeper and try to head it into the net.

This can cause mayhem in the penalty area and the chances of the ball dropping into the net are quite high.

Watch the way the ball is played at this corner and how the technique used puts a ball onto the goalkeeper that is very difficult to save.

And watch Macedonia score direct from a corner against Sven’s England:


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