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You should show players how a skill works
November 22, 2010, 4:48 pm
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dave clarkeSome players respond to learning skills better than others. Some players will stop before they have even attempted the skill and say they can’t do it. One of the ways I put the confidence in my players to learn a skill is to do it myself in front of them.

This is easy when it’s an inside or outside turn or a single stepover but try some of the skills you see the academy teams doing or the professional players and it becomes much more difficult.

However you can practice yourself in the garden at home so when you go to training you can show the kids how it’s done. A friend of mine coaches rugby and he was showing a skill to a young team when he fell flat on his face – but up he got and the kids thought it was great. The players didn’t mind it if they see you fail because they realize it doesn’t matter if they then fail to do it. Get up and do it again.

There are however some skills I wouldn’t try. Watch this video of Arsenal’s young player Jay Emmanuel-Thomas use a fabulous bit of skill to get past defenders and score a goal. I can’t see myself showing the players this one:


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nice coaching point would be the terrible defending…. nice piece of skill but more than likely hes not going to do that as easy with better defending…

Comment by Scott

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looks like a cryuff turn to me

take a look

Comment by Mike

The move is the “Scotch” move. The basic maneuver (“straight Scotch”, if you will) starts with stepping over and to the left of the ball with the right foot. After placing that foot down use the inside of your left foot to tap the ball underneath your right leg and off to the right side at an angle. Turn to the right and take it with your right foot. Yes, this is similar to the famous Cruyff but doesn’t really start with a fake kicking motion and then a chopping movement. It is more of a quick little “tap” underneath the support foot.

Comment by Dave Bermingham

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