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Why non-stop games work indoors

dave clarkeOver the last month the UK has seen its fair share of bad weather and I’ve been forced indoors with my team. Even friendly matches which I have arranged around the squad have been called off due to the state of the pitches.

Indoors brings its own set of challenges, non more so than half my players arrive at the indoor arena and think they are going to a soccer party! The noise and the atmosphere is totally different to being outside so I come armed with a few exercises to get the players using up all that untapped energy.

Use this colour react exercise to channel players’ energy:

david clarke

Get brains and muscles into gear

  • Two groups of players on each side of a row of four different coloured cones fives yards away.
  • The players must react to your call and move to the appropriate cones.
  • The players must touch the cones in the order you call out, and then sprint out of the nearest end.
  • Players then join the opposite queue.
  • An example would be “White and Black” as shown in the diagram. Make sure you keep advancing the warm-up with combinations of colours so your players are thinking about what they are doing.
  • Mix the colours around so they do not become familiar with the position of the colours.

Indoor soccer drills


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