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Why demonstrations work for a coach

dave clarkeShow them how to do it… that is one of the best bits of advise I was given when I first started coaching. Visual coaching is vital to getting across to your players what it is you want them to do.

If you find it difficult to show players yourself get a helper or one of your players to do it for you. You will find if you do too much talking the players will lose concentration and half of them won’t have a clue what you are going on about.

Consider the art of shielding the ball. How do you put it into words? Okay so you can explain that you keep your body between your opponent and the ball and use the foot furthest away from the opponent. But while you can visualise what you are saying young players will have trouble doing it.

Watch the clip below of Roy Keane, former Ipswich Town manager and Manchester Utd and Irish footballer, showing young players how to shield the ball. The players can see exactly what they should be doing so have no problem when it comes to doing it themselves.

The visual art is an excellent tool for the coach.

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Really good little post that, really like the information you’re providing on this blog. Very useful, thank you.


Comment by Simon

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Nice Post and Video! It’s easy to learn in soccer play!

Comment by soccer coaching drills

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