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Let your players showboat to win the 1v1s

davidscwnewI know it can be irritating sometimes when your team is playing well but everything is undone by a player who tries something different and ends up losing the ball – a backheel for instance.

However, you should let your players try out these little acts of showboating because if they can use them at the right time it could be the thing that lets them win the 1v1s.

This is all about the player making the right decision when to use a clever bit of skill, but with some players the only way they will learn when to do it and when not to do it, is to get it wrong during a game.

So if a player tries to dribble out of their own penalty area rather than pass it out and they lose the ball the team suffers and what seemed like a good idea to the player is clearly seen to have been a bad idea.

Let the players try out skills they have learnt at home from watching the professionals on TV and don’t be cross when they make the wrong decisions. Players who learn when the right time to use clever skills is will probably end up being match winners for your team.

In the clip below watch Gotze, Alves, Bale and Lewandowski use showboating skills to win the 1v1s.


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Hey there guys, novice here. I’ve lurked around here for a little while and thought I’d join in! Seems like you’ve got an amazing nice place here

Comment by web watcher

I agree 100% that 1 v 1 skill development and allowing kids to dribble the ball and fail is the correct way for kids to grow their confidence and LEARN touch. If they aren’t allowed to perform the skill dribbles that their futbol heros on the tele have mastered, how and where will they ever learn to perfect these skills…in the backyard versus a cone?

This is a hard sell in the USA where most coaches and parents don’t understand that winning games up through U12/U13 contribute absolutely nothing towards skill development. We want to WIN everything and WIN BIG, but to the detriment of our players potential for growth and ultimately for the US as a rising soccer power that can compete internationally.

How does one disseminate this message to the masses and make converts out of our parents, coaches and youth academy directors?

Comment by Kobafemi

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Comment by Cheap Sports Apparel

In all of these drills we really stress that our perimeter players get into when receiving a pass on the outside…. .After teaching the V-cut teach the back-cut which is used when the defender over-plays or denies the pass. The O2 offensive player must learn to read the defender and learn when to v-cut and when to back-cut……..

Comment by Monex

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Comment by Blackjack

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