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There’s always one player at training…

The player that messes about at training… every team has one and mine are no exception. One player is always last to stop, always kicking the ball into the goal when you’re talking or wandering along absent mindedly when you’re waiting to talk to the players.

There is one particular boy in my squad, lovely boy, but his mind is always on the move, taking him with it. However much I talk to him about it he cannot help having just one last kick of the ball.

I have no problem with this at the moment because he is not distracting the other players from the training they are concentrating on, but if my coaching sessions begin to suffer then action must be taken.

What I would do is take away the thing they love the most – playing the game. Sit them out for five minutes and if they do it again keep sitting them out. Or stop them taking part in the game at the end of your session.

And don’t lose your patience – that isn’t any good for either of you.

It’s not only the kids that mess about at training. I’ve seen seasoned internationals refusing to train or run during sessions – tantrums, fighting you name the professionals do it.

If you go to my blog you can see a clip of David Beckham at the England training camp messing about while the England players run around the pitch. He does get told off though!

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