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Make a trickster part of your team

Rodney Marsh, Stanley Bowles, Gerry Francis, Tony Currie,Trevor Francis and Roy Wegerle and now Adel Taarabt – the English Championship club Queens Park Rangers has had its fair share of flair players.

Everyone loves to watch a player who can do tricks with the ball and mesmerise their opponents – as long as they’re on your team. Taarabt was signed by Martin Jol as a 17-year-old when he was manager of Tottenham Hotspur.

However he initially was not a team player he was all about personal glory and a showboating player cannot afford to neglect the team or their team mates will soon get tired of it. This is especially true in youth teams where showboating individuals can put their team mates off and they stop passing the ball to them.

Harness the talent though and get them playing for you as part of the team and a bit of showboating can go a long way when they play matches. I have a player in my team who can run rings around opposition players but in the past he has run up a blind alley, lost the ball and put his team at risk of counter attacks. But now he doesn’t do that.

A lot of hard work and coaching has seen him become man of the match twice in a week and his team mates are loving playing with him.

Taarabt too has been transformed at QPR where he is now at the heart of the team and wears the captains arm band – but he still showboats and can beat players with audacious skills. This has seen his team top the league since the beginning of the season and should be his ticket back to the English Premier League.

If you have a showboater in your team, don’t stop them doing it just get them to use it at the right time and put the team first.

Watch this clip of his skills:


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