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Watching videos of Barcelona can help your tactics

dave clarkeThe England team watched videos of Barcelona in action to help them with their game plan for the UEFA EURO 2012 qualifier with Wales in Cardiff.

Jack Wilshere, part of the Arsenal side defeated by Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, was instrumental in making that work for England. The 19-year-old said: “We watched some videos of Barcelona and the way they pressed. We tried to do it like them against Wales. We pressed high and the idea was to get some early goals and we got them. We made it comfortable for ourselves.

“We watched the videos a couple of days before the game. We want to press like them. They are the best at it in the world and we have to learn from teams like that. At my age I am always learning and I can learn from players like that in their side.”

It’s not a bad idea to watch videos of teams like Barcelona. You may not think your players could ever play like that but they can use the simple examples of pressing, supporting and making simple short passes that Barcelona excel in.

I try to get my players to make this style of play become the natural way they play when they get out on the pitch.

Why not take your laptop along to the next training session and point out the way Barcelona press the ball high up the pitch.

Start with this video of them pressing Arsenal in the Champions League.

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