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Young players like attention – so make sure they get it

dave clarkeIsn’t it fantastic when you see young players come through the youth system and end up playing in the English Premier League? It’s getting less and less frequent that this happens at one of the ‘big’ clubs, but in April at Liverpool John Flanagan, 18, made a fabulous debut in the 3-0 win against Manchester City.

Academy director, Frank McParland, and the technical director, José Segura, have produced some good players at Liverpool who are now pushing for inclusion in the first team squad like Flanagan has done.

Raheem Sterling, Andre Wisdom, Jésus “Suso” Fernández, Michael Ngoo and Toni Silva are all home grown players keen to make it in the game. Flanagan reckons the appointment of Dalglish as temporary manager is key to the development of youth team players.

“Kenny has been a big help to me and the other young players. He’s been working at the club for the last two years and he was at the academy so he knows all of the youngsters well. He’s always a big help to us, telling us what to do. It helps us just the fact that we already know him well from the academy because it means that he knows us well too.

YOung players like the attention of the manager it gives them something to put in a good performance for. If you have players that are not in the first team or regularly get subbed make sure they know you are watching out for them so they try their best when they do get a chance on the pitch.

Young players should always be included in the team or you could dent their confidence and that would be to the detriment of your team.

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