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Dempsey – a player always likely to get you a goal


Dave Clarke

Clint Dempsey became Fulham’s top scorer in their Premier League history this season – the 28-year-old, a 2007 signing from New England Revolution has impressed his manager Mark Hughes who said he hates taking Dempsey off because he feels that “he will always get you a goal”.

I never really took much notice of Dempsey until he scored that goal against Juventus in the Europe league. One of the fantastic things about that strike is that he doesn’t even look at the goal — he drops back out of the area five or six seconds before taking the shot and at no point in between does he even glance toward the keeper. He flights the ball into the top corner – and that’s class.

And then I noticed him again in the World Cup against England when England’s goalkeeper Robert Green fumbled the ball in the net. A hit and hope but like Hughes says he gets you goals.

Finding a player that gets you goals is not always easy and Fulham is a case in point. After four years Dempsey has scored 33 goals, a lot less than a lot of goal scorers in the Premier League. But Fulham have struggled to find goalscorers so Dempsey is one to hang on to.

Over the years I’ve beem coaching my juniors I have found good goalscorers and I too find it difficult to take them off during a match because of their ability to score goals. I get a lot of the other players saying its not fair because they are better players and want to play up front.

Of course every player gets a chance to play up front but as we all know scoring goals isn’t as easy as it looks.

Watch this clever goal from Dempsey and the one fumbled by Green

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