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Paul Scholes: fantastic player, but what kind of coach?

DCI first saw Paul Scholes play for Manchester United in the final of the Youth Cup against Leeds United in 1993. Man Utd’s team included David Beckham, Scholes, and both Nevilles as well as Ryan Giggs and even Robbie Savage.

The game remains memorable for being live on the new satellite channel Sky Sports, for a crowd at Elland Road of 31,307 and the emergence of several players that were to go on and play for England.

A strong, physical Leeds side easily dominated what were to become the basis of Sir Alex Ferguson’s team for years – they lost 4-1 on aggregate but the one goal came from a 5ft 7 scrawny youth… Scholes.

Scholes was turning out for underdogs everywhere – this small midfielder had the nimbleness and timing to confound a beefy defence and score goals from all over the pitch. All in all he has scored 150 of them.

What is great for coaches everywhere is that a youngster with asthma can become a such a huge player. Scholes moved people with the height of his achievements as much as the impact of his play – how could someone like him be first choice attacking midfielder?

He was a clever player which was as much part of his game as was his technique. There was quick-witted vision to the best of his passes and goals. He could see the opening and the perfect way to exploit it.

Zinedine Zidane has called him “the greatest of his generation”. Xavi hailed him as “the best central midfielder of the past 15 or 20 years”.

Now he has retired Scholes is taking up coaching, and it will be interesting to see the type of players he turns out.

Watch highlights of his career below and you can also watch a clip of the best goal from the Youth Cup Final in 1993 scored by Jamie Forrester with an overhead kick to rival Wayne Rooney:


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…Zinedine Zidane once described Paul Scholes as undoubtedly the best midfielder of his generation. Having mustered 643 appearances in his Manchester United career so far it is no wonder Paul Scholes is regarded as highly as he is. And as far as deep-lying playmakers go Scholes is one of the best to grace the modern game..Quietly and sensibly Scholes gets on about his work.

Comment by hemp

Frankly speaking,i ve always been a great admirer of scholesy. His ability to dictate the pace of the game from the midfield was wonderful. His long and accurate passes were always a joy to watch and above all his style of keeping it cool and letting his football to do the talking.

Comment by tito

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