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Tweak your tactics to make the most of your team’s possession

DCPlaying in a match at the weekend my U10s were having a problem with tactics. Even though we had a lot of the ball and were attacking all the time, we couldn’t turn all that possession into goals. To make matters worse we went 1-0 down totally against the run of play.

The problem was that the wingers were playing the ball around but not getting crosses in. My right winger was setting the left winger free but he wasn’t crossing it.

My left winger is right footed so although he had the beating of the defenders he couldn’t get the ball across into the penalty area.

So at half time I did a simple thing – I switched them and it worked.

The right winger was still playing it from midfield but this time to the right wing.

Same players but on different sides of the pitch so a subtle change in tactics had the right result for the team.

So when you think your players can’t turn possession into goals maybe you, like me, got the tactics round the wrong way!

Watch this video that tells you how tactics can win the game for any team even when the opposition are better than them.


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