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70% of a goalkeeper’s work is done with his feet

David Clarke

It was raining this weekend. It was muddy and it was windy. Who in their right mind would be a goakeeper on days like this?

I always like to warm my goalkeeper up so he is ready when the match starts.

And you want to warm-up their feet as well as their hands because in these conditions, it is the footwork that will often be the deciding factor when the ball is crossed or shot in with the rain, wind and mud making handling treacherous.

I use this warm-up all the time in the winter – and often during good weather as well! It’s so easy to set up and you can get a couple of dads to help out while you take the rest of the boys for other warm-ups.

It’s one I got from Mike Toshack, the goalkeeping coach for Houston Dynamo. All you need is a goal and two cones with a couple of helpers and balls.

Set it up like this:

      • Put two cones five yards in front of a goal in the centre, four yards apart creating three “goals”.
      • You need a goalkeeper and two players or helpers.
      • First helper passes a ball to the goalkeeper in the middle goal, who passes back firmly with his right foot.
      • The goalkeeper then moves to the “goal” on his right to save a shot from the second helper.
      • The goalkeeper then moves back to the centre goal to make another pass and so on. After five shots to the right, the goalkeeper must then move to the goal area on his left.
      • You want to see the goalkeeper moving quickly between the goals while keeping his hands and head steady.
      • He needs to be on his toes, ready to react to the ball.

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