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Your coaching focus should be on technique

David Clarke

If you have one New Year’s Resolution make it that you are going to improve the technique of every player you coach – everything a player does on the pitch is about showing good technique.

Everything has a label – control, dribbling, shooting, first touch – but it all relies on good technique.

Technique is the bedrock of a young player’s success in soccer – there are of course other essentials like agility, balance, control and speed, but technique is the crowning glory.

Technique isn’t just Xavi or Messi’s close control. David Beckham has kept his career going for a second decade because his technique keeps him in demand. He doesn’t play anything like Xavi or Messi but he can do things with a ball they cannot. And vice-versa, you wouldn’t see Beckham involved in short passing, lightening quick moves up the pitch because he could never be Xavi.

So it’s about a player finding out what they are good at and practicing that skill. Repetition of the technique is a key factor in this. The more you can get them to repeat the technique the better they will become.

Watch the technique, even on the beach David Beckham can take accurate free-kicks!



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I think it’s a great resolution. Without great technique, natural talent is eventually wasted. When you can hone in on what a player is great at and make it perfect, you’ll have one amazing player by the end of the season.

Comment by Jodi Murphy

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