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One skill leads to another…

David Clarke

Technique can be simple. Anyone can do Lionel Messi’s drag back which is nothing more than pushing the ball out in front of you before dragging it back and turning to face the way you came. You’ve left your opponent behind.

But the skill is to do it at speed.

If youth players can perfect just one skill they can do at speed they will become much better players.

That takes practice and repetition.

And I reckon if a young player can make one skill work they’ll want to learn another…
Here’s how young players can do it:


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Dribbling is fine, but the lack of instruction in the power kick by professional coaches is a real problem. When it is taught it is taught improperly in several ways. For example, i’ve never seen instruction in locking of the hip, a critical element of the kick because if it’s done a player won’t cross his legs in the follow through and will get the full use of the hip joint , thereby maximizing power . Lock the ankle, lock the hip, learn how to swing the kicking leg, learn the magic hop followthrough , don’t land first on the kicking leg when learning [ it happens when approaching the ball at speed], and any player will improve a lot. The technique,nonetheless, is difficult to learn. Why is it that arguably the most important soccer technique is taught the least? Probably because teaching it requires knowledge in teaching, a step by step and somewhat painstaking method and the technique itself, as well as a lot of patience and hard work. Most coaches stay away from this style . Too bad because it really works. Rick Sewall

Comment by rick sewall

Drag back or Pull back. Very effective move, and yes, to be truly effective, it requires the player to be able to explode “out” of the move. Agility is a key ingredient to performing this move to benefit from losing a defender.

Comment by Lance from California, USA

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