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Hold player focus with a twist

David ClarkeYou know how we are taught that your players must focus on you during your pre-match team talk and not be chatting or pushing or playing with a ball?

Well try this instead. I get my players to concentrate on this core body strength warm up while they are listening to me talk about the game or training session they are about to take part in.

I think it works, let me know if you do…

How to do it

  • Start by sitting down, only your bottom will be touching the ground during the exercise.
  •  Lean back slightly.
  •  Feet off the ground with ankles crossed.
  •  Bend knees slightly.
  •  Touch ball to ground on each side.
  •  Keep arms straight.
  •  Ten touches each side then rest for 30 seconds.
  •  Do three sets.

How to advance it

  • Keep legs straight.
  • Try the same exercise using a medicine ball (if you have one, or try different sized balls).

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Thanks for this advice…I think it will really work with my chatty U14 girls.

Comment by Julie

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