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How limiting space can widen a player’s vision

David ClarkeAlthough simple in concept, this is a difficult small-sided game, and one that is brilliant when preparing for situations where space on the pitch is at a premium – for instance when two sides slot five men into midfield.

The fact the pitch remains long in length means that play can be spread about. That said, attackers must be sure of their control and angle of approach, as the defender’s task is made that much easier by only having to cover a relatively small width.

Teams will generally find that they need to build up through the middle of the pitch using quick skills and passing combinations, so close control and good technique is encouraged and can serve teams well.

How to set it up

  •  Pitch size: 30×20 yards (min) up to 40×25 yards (max).
  •  This is a 4v4 game plus two keepers.
  •  Construct two channels of 5 yards in width, one down each side of the pitch from the touchline.
  •  The game is played for a set time period of 10 minutes.

The rules

  • Play as you would do a normal game, but with no offside rule.
  •  If the ball leaves play, you have a few re-start options:
    1 The coach passes a new ball onto the pitch
    2 The players take a roll in
    3 The players take a throw in
    4 The players make a pass in
    5 The players dribble in
  •  The aim of the game is for the teams to score in each other’s goal, whilst negotiating a much narrower playing area.

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