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Don’t punish mistakes

One thing the world’s best young players have in common is an ability to show great technique on the ball and they all do something to create space for themselves and to make it harder for the opposition to win the ball off them.

Add that to the fact that they all have the ability to make a fabulous end product be it a shot or a pass and you can see why they are recognised as the top young talent. But your players can have their own admirers if you work on their technique and skills.

In my U11s team I have players with different skills that complement each other and create an excellent team between them. One is a great dribbler, another has great vision to switch play, one is great at making runs for through balls.

They have all learned these skills during the sessions I have run for them.

The best way to let this happen is to run sessions that let your players express themselves in an atmosphere of learning and not one where making mistakes is punished.

Watch this video of some of the world’s best young players below:

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I absolutely agree. I tell my players that one of my three rules is “Mistakes are OK” the other one related to that is “Keep trying” the third rule is “Trust God”

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