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Where should you stand at training?

By David Clarke

David ClarkeBeing able to see everyone and everything that is going on means a coach can give feedback more effectively, correct errors or encourage good work. Here is a quick guide to better positioning in training.

  • Position yourself far enough back to be able to see all the players working.
  •  Try to keep to the outer perimeter of practice areas so there are no players behind you at any time.
  •  Make sure you move to various positions around the practice area to give yourself different perspectives of the action.
  • If you need to deliver one-to-one coaching, bring the player to you so you can help them while keeping an eye on the rest of the players.
  •  When demonstrating or talking to the players, create a half circle so they can all see.
  • Always demonstrate with the weather (sun or rain) in your face rather than the faces of the players.
  • Ensure there is nothing interesting happening behind you when talking or demonstrating to the players.

When talking to your players use the right words. I find that often a coach will praise the players that can easily do the tasks they set out for them but  if you read my blog Praise Talent or Praise Hard Work  you may think differently.

Also check out Five Ways To Make New Players Part of the Team.



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