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Giroud – the real deal in a striking role

David ClarkeDuring Euro 2012 the false or fake striker was a huge talking point for the top teams throughout the world and how tactics work around not having a traditional striker – but slipping under the radar at the same time was a proper striker who could take the Premier League in England by storm.

Olivier Giroud won a French League title with Montpelier in May then got drafted into the French squad for the Euros. But his rise has been far from spectacular he has learnt his trade – he started off at the boys’ team Olympique Club de Froges then Grenoble’s youth academy. It was here that he was spotted by Tours in France’s Ligue 2 and then to Montpelier. Now he plays for Arsenal in England.

“I can play as a lone forward, in partnership with a second forward, or in front of a No10,” he said. “I’ll adapt my game to different situations. That’s my job. I’ve worked hard to add some explosive power to the first few metres when I make a run with or without the ball.”

Giroud scored 21 league goals in his team’s league winning season. He is a striker who relies on stature and physical presence and with his aerial ability he should scare a lot of defences in the Premier League, but he is also a thinker and very quick with the ball at his feet.

I’m looking forward to seeing how he will adapt to playing outside of France, but most of all it will be refreshing to see a skilful centre forward giving defences a hard time in England.

Watch him in this video and see the range of skills he possesses…


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Hi, Love the blog.
As much as I enjoy the passing game of Arsenal and Barcelona, I’m a believer that there is still place in the modern game for a powerful striker who can dominate in the air.
It was clear when Pep Guardiola bought Ibrahimović that he was investing in a plan B, ok, it didn’t work out on that occasion.
Arsenal will benefit from the aerial prowess of Giroud, considering the good crossing positions Arsenal’s full backs get into.
Keep up the good work.

Comment by footballshortsuk

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