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Learn from watching this Barcelona 6-a-side training game

David ClarkeI find it very interesting to watch small-sided games with professional players taking part. I took time to study Barcelona’s 15 minute training match – 6v6 (including goalkeepers) with one neutral player. Apart from the huge crowd watching, I find it mesmerising to watch the fast passing moves.

What stands out is the passing out from the back, the individual ball mastery and the fact that given space they shoot. This means the defending team has to stay tight on the attacking team or they will exploit the space quickly.

The movement is wonderful. How much easier is it to find a pass when you have three or four options? Also note that the goalkeepers play it short so they build up play and move as a unit up the pitch.

It is also great to see the number of passes in such a small area, the size of the area is less than half of the pitch. This means the players are used to controlling and passing in tight areas and get used to quick close control when they receive a pass or they will lose the ball.

Left foot, right foot, passes, shots, chips. Brilliant. And how many times do players go down injured? Hardly at all – they press and intercept no need to slide tackle because they can win the ball back by forcing the opposition to make mistakes.

If you get chance to show your players this session, please do. They will learn such a lot by just watching the way the players work as a team to keep the ball.

See the session below


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Great post.
What surprised me was that they are playing offside even on such a small pitch.
The movement and pressing is something to behold.

Comment by footballshortsuk

I live in a very small town, with the 3 teams we compete against being as far as 40 miles away. Due to our small populations U12 plays co-ed and 6 aside. This video is great for my kids. It may be a small sided game for most teams but it’s a full field for my kids. I’d like to find more of the 6 player/team small sided games. Any ideas?

Comment by Faye Salomone

great individual skills and outstanding team performance.

Comment by george mwangi

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