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The greatest one-touch, two-touch passing moves.. at Under-11
July 11, 2012, 3:50 pm
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David ClarkeIt has been discussed for years and finally the FA are doing something about it.Englandare pushing to close the gap at youth level withSpainandGermany. Doing that should boost the futureEnglandteam…

Well we may be finally putting things in place to do it but I was surprised by how advanced some teams are across the pond inAmerica. They sure are building for the future.

An U11 team inCaliforniahas created its own little area ofSpaintaking their inpiration from the masters of tiki taka,Barcelona. They’ve called their team Barcelona-USA, and play in the same strips as the Catalan giants.

The video that got everyone purring was Barcelona-USA’s U11 Cal South State Cup semi-final against Arsenal FC – no slouches themselves at this level.

But in an epic 13 minutes of football, these young players executed some of the greatest one-touch, two-touch passing moves that you’ll see anywhere, anytime.

According to their coach: “These performances are no accident. It takes meticulous training, studying, and artistry — a craftsman. You can not just throw 11 players on the field and ‘talk’ about possession. That’s just talking. And anybody can do that… you should be asking yourself: ‘Do I really care, or am I just a talker?'”

Are you watching England?

See the video everyone’s talking about below:


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very good ,the coach of the barcelona-usa is doing a big job,” I was thinking ” the barcelona-es .


While the boys worked very hard in their fast play and possession, the coaches are a disgrace. Is screaming and yelling necessary to get that kind of result? This video should be played with no sound to run aways from these crazy coaches.


Comment by Georges Carraha

That English guy who keeps shouting is an embarrassment to coaches.

Comment by Stevie

Encouraging teams to play like Barca is admirable but I’m assuming the two voices we can hear barking commands are the coaches of the two teams. Not exactly allowing the boys to make their own decisions are they? And as the title says “This goes on the whole game”.

Comment by Ian


Comment by stephen

Great soccer! I know from personal experience that it takes lots of losses to get your kids to play the ball out of the back with that kind of confidence. I can’t help but feel bad for poor “Daniel”, though. Not because his team loses the match, but because his father, I assume, harps on him incessantly. Ironic that this video shows both the best and worst of youth soccer in one neat little package.

Comment by Joe

Some fantastic football from these US kids! The US focused on SSGs years ago so quite why the English FA are so far behind is beyond me. If that is the Arsenal coach barking orders at the kids he should be ashamed of himself! It certainly sounds like it as he’s screaming all the kid’s names. It sums up why English coaching hasn’t moved forwards and this is at the highest level! When Arsenal had goal kicks they were lumping it forwards when there were simple passes out that could be made (e.g.; 6.71 minutes)! When the US kid scores he runs over and celebrates with his coach, I certainly can’t see that happening if Arsenal ever scored! How football should be played by the US and how football should not be played and coached by Arsenal.

Comment by Warren

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