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The chipping green – developing a soft touch

David Clarke

A great game to play at the end of your training session is chipping the balls into the bag! You’re coaching a skill and getting the players to clear up.

When golfers talk about getting a feel of the ball around the greens, they’re talking about a soft touch using their hands to chip the ball so it doesn’t go racing past the hole. Soccer players can get a feel for the ball with this chipping game and help them to realise it isn’t all about power.

It also means that when they are receiving the ball in a match they will find it much easier to manipulate because they won’t put their foot through the ball.

There are lots of reasons I use this exercise:

  • It takes seconds to set up.
  • A great game to play while waiting for players to turn up at the start of training – you can start with one player and end up with ten.
  • Or a great game for the end of training to put all the training balls back into the bag.
  • It develops soft touch and control of the ball.

How to play it

  • All you need is your ball bag, players and balls.
  • Players stand in a circle around three yards away.
  • One player starts with the ball on the ground and tries to chip it in to the bag.
  • Players take it in turns to hold the bag open and can chest the ball into the bag if the chipping player misses.
  • If it goes in they get 1 point and the next player goes.
  • If they miss the next player tries to put the same ball into the bag.
  • When a player misses, whoever reaches the ball first can take the next turn.

The game ends when the last ball is in the bag. Everyone’s a winner (including you, you don’t have to collect all the balls!).


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